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Carbon Atelier offers genuine laboratory created diamonds set in fashionable jewelry silhouettes that every woman will love. Our specialty is creating
trend-forward yet classic pieces with designer styling, featuring hard-to-find larger carat weights and truly colorless color grades in the D-E-F range.

How are lab-diamonds grown?

After decades of studies and efforts, scientists have been able to recreate in a lab the extreme conditions that transform carbon into diamonds deep in the Earth. A process that encompassed millions of years, now can happen in a lab in a few weeks!
Our diamonds, which are created by the CVD method (Chemical Vapor Deposition) involves applying immense heat, pressure and gases to a diamond slice. It’s fascinating so you better watch it for yourself:

How real are lab created diamonds?

Lab created or lab grown diamonds are generally purer than mined diamonds since we can control the environment in which they grow. Ours are always TypeIIA – only 2% of mined diamonds are as pure. They shine exactly the same, are just as hard and will last you just as long! They are only different from mined diamonds in their origin!
BETTER QUALITY. MORE CARATS: Choosing a lab created diamond from a reputable source is a great way to achieve your diamond dream. You can now buy a diamond 40% larger and 2 color + clarity ranges better for the same price, or spend considerably less on a great stone.

are lab grown diamonds graded and certified?

YES! Lab-grown Diamonds are graded in the same way as mined diamonds- by their color, clarity, cut and carat. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the IGI (International Gemological Institute), among other gemological institutes offer certificates for lab grown diamonds. Our certificates are generally from IGI, and provided – at no extra cost – for any stone of 0.33ct or more.

can a gemologist tell apart mined and lab created diamonds?

Even trained gemologists cannot tell them apart through a loupe exam or using the most common tests performed at jewelry stores. Only more sophisticated tests performed in a lab with professional equipment can differentiate them,

how are they more sustainable?

No huge holes on Earth need to be dug up, hence they don’t cause any underground water pollution or release any chemicals into the ground. They are also guaranteed conflict-free every single time.
As renewables become more available, labs are also starting to switch their energy source to a higher percentage of green energy when growing diamonds; some even offer diamonds grown with 100% renewable energy, or provide carbon-offsetting programs.

Lab-Grown vs Natural Diamonds

Lab diamonds and natural diamonds are both pure crystals of carbon with the same incredible properties. Both lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds share the identical physical, chemical and optical properties that make diamonds the world’s most coveted gemstone.

The main difference between lab diamonds vs natural diamonds is one you can’t see: where the crystals formed. Natural diamonds formed in the earth about a billion years ago. Lab-made diamonds are created in advanced laboratory equipment that reproduces the heat and pressure found deep in the earth.

There is one other important difference to consider when comparing lab grown diamonds vs natural diamonds: the cost. Depending on the size and quality grade, you can expect to pay about 40-50% less for lab made diamonds vs natural diamonds. Does that mean they are lower in quality?  Not at all: lab grown diamonds cost less to produce due to the high cost of mining. That means you can afford a bigger higher quality diamond for the same money.

Many people also ask about the environmental impact of lab made vs natural diamonds. Each mining operation and each growing operation have different impacts based on the equipment and the source of power used.  However so far only lab-grown diamond producers have earned the respected Sustainability Rated Producer certification from SCS Global Services. At Carbon Atelier, we are proud to source exclusively from a Sustainability Rated Producer so you can be assured that our lab grown diamonds are 100% climate neutral.

What our customers are saying...

I have wanted a cushion-cut diamond for nearly 20 years….I finally decided the time was right to buy a stone to design a right-hand ring for myself. I am so happy I did! This lab grown diamond is just simply stunning. Good cushion cuts are hard to find, but the rounded square cushion shape on this gem is just what I wanted. It’s very white, sparkly and bright and I can’t detect any inclusions at all. It’s a truly exceptional gemstone, and came with an IGI certificate which my jeweler tells me is top-of-the-line (he says they don’t inflate their grades like some grading labs do).

I am THRILLED with my purchase!! I can highly recommend this brand, Carbon Atelier. If you are considering buying from them, DO IT! You won’t be disappointed!

K is for Crafty
June 22, 2021
Review on Amazon
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These lab diamond earrings are a great find: excellent quality, and great price compared to other similar earrings. To be clear, these earrings are 1/2 carat total weight, which means each stone is 1/4 carat. The earrings come packaged in a simple box that also includes a velvet bag and IGI certification. I verified the IGI certification online: the certificates could be found in the IGI database, and the specs match the product.

Quality: Each stone in my set was rated 0.24-0.25 carats, minimum H color, min. VS clarity, and min. “very good” cut. After checking the IGI certificates, both of my stones were actually F color, VS2 clarity, and ideal cut – even better than the minimums on color and cut grade. Read More on Amazon

Emi A
May 17, 2021
Review on Amazon
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