Four lab-grown diamonds in different sizes spread out across a women's finger

Lab Grown Diamonds and the 4 C’s

Are you searching for the best lab grown diamond for your budget? If you’ve ever researched how to buy natural diamonds, you already know the basics of lab diamond quality. The quality of both lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds…

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A woman holding a lab-grown diamond ring with her fingers

How To Find Your Ring Size

Does your ring fit? The most beautiful ring in the world won’t be comfortable unless it fits you perfectly. Although your fingers change sizes depending on the time of day, humidity, and temperature, the right ring size balances keeping you…

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A certified lab-grown diamond ring sitting on top of a diamond grading report

Why You Need Certified Diamonds

Why Buy Certified Lab Created Diamonds If you are buying a significant piece of diamond jewelry or a diamond engagement ring, you need a grading report from an independent diamond grading laboratory. Why? A diamond grading report, sometimes called a…

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A man placing a lab-grown diamond engagement ring on a woman's finger

Engagement Ring Guide

Your Complete Engagement Ring Guide Planning to get engaged? Congratulations! We know you’re thinking about how you have only one chance to get buying an engagement ring right. Hey, it’s the most important ring of your life, so no pressure! …

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