Diamond Stud Earrings Buying Guide

If you could only wear one pair of earrings for the rest of your life, which style would you choose? The one truly essential earring style is diamond stud earrings. Comfortable enough for the gym, luxurious enough for the red carpet, diamond stud earrings are simply perfect, the accessory that will never go out of style.

If you don’t have a pair of diamond studs you love, it’s time to start thinking about adding them to your jewelry wardrobe. So how do you find the perfect pair of diamond stud earrings for you?  Start with the diamonds, selecting the size, shape and quality that fits your style and your budget now but that you’ll also appreciate in the future. Then consider the design and materials of the setting, for comfort, style and security. Here is your complete guide to buying diamond stud earrings.


The Best Size of Diamond Stud Earrings

The first think you’ll notice about a pair of diamond stud earrings is the size.  How big do they look on your lobes and how much of a dramatic statement do they make? Whether you are looking for delicate or bold, there’s a stud earring that’s perfect for you. The carat weight of diamond stud earrings is calculated as a total of the two diamonds in the pair. So, for example, a pair of one carat diamond studs has a half-carat diamond set in each earring.

Choose a 0.50 carat pair of diamond stud earrings if you want a delicate touch of sparkle. One carat diamond stud earrings balance of bold and delicate in a way that is versatile for wearing every day. Two carat diamond stud earrings have a luxurious look, with a full carat diamond on each ear. Each 0.50 carat diamond in a pair of one carat studs is 5mm in diameter and the two one-carat diamonds in two-carat studs are about 6.5mm in diameter. With diamond studs larger than two carats, even jeans and a t-shirt are totally glamorous. For even more glamour, layer different size studs on the same ear, like the model above wearing two carat, one carat and half-carat studs together.

And thanks to lab-created diamonds, you can now afford the size of diamond studs you really want. Lab-created diamond stud earrings are half the price of mined diamonds so you can trade up from a half carat to a carat or from one carat to two. No one will know the difference unless you tell them how much you saved. Unlike imitations like CZ and moissanite, lab created diamonds are actual diamonds and even gemologists need advanced equipment to tell the difference.  Choose big beautiful lab-created diamond stud earrings and you’ll thank us every time you put them on.

Although round lab created diamond stud earrings are the most popular, we also love square princess cut lab-created diamond stud earrings. Both diamond shapes are symmetrical so they look great even when they rotate on your ears.


The Best Quality for Diamond Stud Earrings

Experts often advise that you don’t need to choose high quality diamonds for stud earrings because no one looks at your ears as closely as they would an engagement ring. That’s why most people choose G-H color diamond stud earrings with VS or SI clarity. 

But because you are buying these earrings to wear a lifetime, if you appreciate the beauty of fine quality colorless and high clarity diamonds, it may be worth it to you to trade up in quality. After all, these earrings will give you pleasure every time you wear them for years to come, becoming part of your signature style. 

If you have an engagement ring, you can match the color and clarity of your diamond studs to your engagement ring. After all the diamonds in your stud earrings might end up being part of an engagement ring someday: Meghan Markle’s engagement ring is set with side stones that used to be Princess Diana’s diamond stud earrings.

If you choose stud earrings that total one carat or more, make sure they are certified, with the 4Cs of diamond quality verified by an independent grading report from a respected diamond grading laboratory like GIA or IGI. Certified lab created diamond stud earrings are graded in the same way by the same laboratories.

No matter what color and clarity you choose for your diamond stud earrings, make sure you don’t compromise on cut quality. Your diamond studs should be carefully crafted with excellent proportions and symmetry, so they sparkle with brilliance. Look for very good to excellent cut grades.


The Best Setting for Diamond Stud Earrings

Gold is the most popular metal for diamond stud earrings because it is precious and lasting and also kind to your pierced ears. Gold will never tarnish like base metal. Choose white gold to blend into the icy white color of the diamonds or with sunny yellow gold or warm rose gold. The contrast will make warmer toned diamonds look more colorless.

The most common setting style is four-prong diamond stud earrings. Four prong settings hold the diamonds securely but still let in plenty of light so the diamonds sparkle. Make sure you like the way they look from the side as well as the front. Some settings have beautifully designed details on the side that set them apart.

Another option is three-prong diamond studs, also known as martini diamond studs because they are cone shaped, like a martini glass. You may find this style setting especially comfortable to wear because it sits low to the ear, with very little metal between you and your diamonds. 

If you love midcentury modern design, you may like the look of sleek bezel-set diamond stud earrings, which have smooth circles of metal surrounding the diamonds. They frame the brilliance of your diamonds in gold, giving them a streamlined look.

If you prefer a frame that sparkles, you can choose halo diamond stud earrings with a circle of diamonds around the center gem. They have a romantic vintage look. This style is a great way to make smaller studs look larger and have more sparkle.

And don’t forget that you can also drop your diamond stud earrings off the ear with a leverback diamond drop earring setting. This style combines the simplicity of a stud with the glamor of diamond drops.

The setting is how you make your diamond studs your own. No matter which setting you choose, you’ll enjoy wearing your lab-grown diamond stud earrings for decades to come.


Caring for Your Diamond Stud Earrings

Once you find the right pair of diamond stud earrings for you, a little care and regular cleaning will keep them sparkling.  Diamonds are oleophilic, which means they attract the oil from your skin and from lotions and creams. Always put your studs on after apply makeup and lotion with clean hands, to avoid transferring oil onto the diamonds. Click the back on securely, snug to your ear.

Make sure you clean your studs regularly. Here’s how to clean diamond stud earrings. Use a few drops of dish soap in a bowl of warm water. Soak for 15 minutes, swish them around, and take them out and leave them to air dry on a soft lint-free cloth. It’s that easy! You can also clean diamond studs in a home ultrasonic cleaner.

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