10 Must-Know Facts About Lab Created Diamonds

With more people concerned about climate change and the impact of the products they buy, lab created diamonds are becoming a more popular choice for fine jewelry like solitaire necklaces and stud earrings. More couples are choosing lab grown diamond…

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What’s the Difference: Engagement Ring Versus Wedding Ring

They symbolize love and commitment. They represent a couple’s promises to each other. The endless circle of a ring eloquently represents eternal love. But engagement rings and wedding rings aren’t the same. What is the difference between engagement and wedding…

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Lab Created Diamonds and Sustainability

Diamonds celebrate moments and emotions we want to remember forever. When you are shopping for diamonds, you want to be sure that they haven’t harmed the environment, workers or the community. Wearing diamonds should feel good so of course you…

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Two lab grown diamond rings on top of each other

Five Ways to Make Your Diamond Look Bigger

Size matters. Unless you’re a kajillionaire, you probably wouldn’t mind if your diamonds were just a little bit bigger. We’ve all been there. But sparkle aficionados should know that there’s more than one way to get a bigger look we…

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Fancy This: Diamond Necklaces Shape Up

How many necklaces are you wearing today? Whether your answer is “just one, of course” or “wait, let me count,” a diamond solitaire necklace belongs around your neck. Whether layered with a paperclip chain or herringbone or worn solo, the…

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A woman wearing lab-grown diamond stud earrings staring into the sky

Diamond Stud Earrings Buying Guide

If you could only wear one pair of earrings for the rest of your life, which style would you choose? The one truly essential earring style is diamond stud earrings. Comfortable enough for the gym, luxurious enough for the red…

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A woman wearing lab-grown emerald cut, oval cut, and pear-shaped diamond rings on her finger

A Guide to Diamond Cuts and Shapes

Round diamonds may be the most traditional choice for sparkle but today you have a whole menu of cuts in different shapes to give classic jewelry styles your unique personality. Today round diamonds have to share the spotlight with oval…

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Two lab-grown diamonds sitting next to each other

Lab-Made vs Natural Diamonds

Before the invention of freezers, ice was a precious thing. People thirsty for cool drinks in the summer had to rely on ice shipped in from far frigid regions and stored at immense expense. Being able to make ice on…

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Four lab-grown diamonds in different sizes spread out across a women's finger

Lab Grown Diamonds and the 4 C’s

Are you searching for the best lab grown diamond for your budget? If you’ve ever researched how to buy natural diamonds, you already know the basics of lab diamond quality. The quality of both lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds…

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The difference between Lab-Grown Diamonds, Moissanite, and Cubic Zirconia

Simulated Diamonds vs Lab Created Diamonds

Lab Diamonds vs Diamond Simulants Should your sparkle come from a lab instead of a mine? Many people today are choosing to avoid the environmental impact of mined gems and show their brilliance or pledge their love with something more…

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