Fancy This: Diamond Necklaces Shape Up

How many necklaces are you wearing today? Whether your answer is “just one, of course” or “wait, let me count,” a diamond solitaire necklace belongs around your neck. Whether layered with a paperclip chain or herringbone or worn solo, the diamond solitaire necklace is here to stay.

The must have classic diamond pendant is timeless, of course, but it’s also a current fashion essential. But today’s trending diamond solitaire necklace isn’t necessarily set with the round brilliant diamond you might have expected to see in the past. A new generation of diamond pendants is shaping up nicely. Oval diamond necklaces, emerald cut diamond necklaces, princess cut diamond pendants and pear shape diamond necklaces have joined the traditional round brilliant. These diamond shapes, referred to as fancy shape diamonds, are serving up gem geometry lessons in style.

Why choose a fancy shape diamond for your diamond solitaire necklace? A unique shape puts your own personal spin on the classic. A fancy shape diamond adds personality to your necklace. And thanks to lab-created diamonds, fancy shape diamonds are more available and affordable than ever before. You can find beautifully crafted well cut fancy shape diamonds in lab created diamond necklaces by Carbon Atelier.

What shape diamond pendant is right for you? Here are our five favorite brilliant shapes: one of them is sure to be your new daily wardrobe essential.


Sophisticated Emerald Cut Diamond Necklaces

The surprise star of the new trend for fancy shape diamond necklaces?  The emerald-cut diamond solitaire. Maybe it’s because it’s the most distinctive of the classic diamond shapes, with long rectangular step-cut facets that flash with planes of brilliance instead of the small triangular reflections of brilliant cuts. Maybe it’s the sophisticated Art Deco feel of its geometry. Or maybe it’s the fact that Beyonce, Amal and Angelina Jolie are fans too.

Whatever the reason, emerald cut diamond necklaces are having a moment. And not just emerald cut pendants but designs that feature the emerald cut set sideways, so its long axis is parallel to the chain. The East-West emerald cut lab diamond necklace is Carbon Atelier’s best-selling style. Our customers love it in all sizes, from a petite one-third carat to a dramatic two carats. No matter which size suits you best, you’ll love the way the hall of mirrors reflections of the emerald cut lab-created diamond catch the light.

Elegant Oval Diamond Pendants

Oval shape diamonds are a huge trend in engagement rings right now. The long and elegant elliptical outline of this brilliant shape makes oval diamonds very flattering to your fingers. And because of their proportions, which are wider and shallower than round diamonds, oval diamonds look larger for their carat weights than diamonds of almost any other shape.

There’s something about elongated proportions that just looks elegant. Oval diamond necklaces are just subtly different enough from round diamonds that you notice them. That may be why Blake Lively, Hailey Baldwin, Simone Biles, Salma Hayek, and Serena Williams all wear oval diamonds. And like emerald cut diamond necklaces, oval diamond necklaces are even better set east-west. These sideways stunners are impossible to ignore. At Carbon Atelier, the east west oval shaped lab diamond pendant is second to only the emerald cut. If you prefer curves to angles, you may instantly fall in love with an oval diamond necklace.

Modern Princess Cut Diamond Pendants

One of the reasons the round diamond became a classic is four-fold symmetry. The princess cut diamond has the symmetry of a round in a sharp four-cornered square shape. That’s why the princess cut is so brilliant. And the square shape has a modern geometric look that instantly sets it apart. It’s the result of a revolution in diamond design. In fact, the princess wasn’t developed until the 1970s. Today’s modern princess cut combines the table facets of a round brilliant cut with unique chevron shaped pavilion facets that give the cut its distinctive X shaped pattern.

Princess cut diamond necklaces are a new angle on the solitaire pendant, with the corners catching the light and everyone’s attention. (Princess cut diamond stud earrings are equally eye catching for the same reason.) If you are looking for a diamond pendant that’s fashionably square, the Carbon Atelier princess cut lab diamond necklace is on point.

Graceful Pear Shape Diamond Necklaces

Like a drop of sunshine or tears of happiness, pear shape diamonds have the energy of arrested motion. Brilliance poised, pear shape diamond necklaces drip gracefully, sparkling from your neck.

Pear shapes have been in the news thanks to some famous pear shape diamond engagement rings.  Have you seen the enormous pear-shape diamond Adele’s been wearing lately? Or the pear shapes worn by Megan Fox, Margot Robbie, Zoe Saldana, and Cardi B?  With so many pear shapes in the spotlight, it’s not surprising that pear shape diamond necklaces are trending too. Carbon Atelier’s one carat pear shape lab diamond necklaces are stunning.  And the two carat pear lab diamond necklaces? Truly breathtaking.

Classic Round Diamond Necklaces

Sometimes simple things are the best. Iconic round diamonds are the most popular for a reason: they are the best performing diamond shape. What does that mean? Almost all the light that enters a well-cut round diamond is reflected back to your eyes as brilliance and sparkle. Round diamonds, with no up and down or left and right, suit almost every jewelry design too. Round diamond solitaire necklaces have long been the most popular necklace style. They have a classic look that pairs well with other jewelry, from diamond stud earrings to classic engagement rings.

Carbon Atelier offers round lab diamond necklaces in several different styles. You can choose a round lab created diamond pendant sliding on a loop of gold or a round lab grown diamond necklace with the chain attached to the diamond setting. Either way, you’ll have a jewelry wardrobe essential that will stand the test of time.

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