How To Find Your Ring Size

Does your ring fit? The most beautiful ring in the world won’t be comfortable unless it fits you perfectly. Although your fingers change sizes depending on the time of day, humidity, and temperature, the right ring size balances keeping you comfortable and keeping your ring securely on your finger.

So how to find your ring size? The first step to finding your ring size is finding a ring you already have that fits you correctly. A ring that fits you well will be tight going over your knuckle and a bit loose on your finger, but not so loose it constantly rotates.

Is your ring too big? If it slips off in the sink or anytime you wear it, it’s definitely too big. You can be more forceful when removing your own ring so it someone else can slip it off your finger easily without resistance, it’s probably too big. 

Some people have knuckles that are bigger than their slim fingers. If that’s you, you’ll have to find your ring size that barely goes over your knuckle (even if that means it is a bit too loose on your finger.) There are strategies to solve this problem, like metal balls inside your ring or a hinged ring but these have their own issues. Try living with the loose ring for a while before you make these changes because they are difficult to reverse. At least you know that your ring won’t slip off and get lost.

Does your ring leave an indentation on your finger when you take it off? That’s a sign it’s too small. Other signs that your ring is too small are if your finger puffs out around the edges of your ring or it feels constraining.

Make sure you test to find your ring size at different times of day. You may find your ring size is a half-size larger in the summer! If you love to wear stackable rings, like these lab-created diamond stack rings by Carbon Atelier, you’ll may buy a size that’s slightly larger so it fits comfortably higher on your finger. Measure a ring that fits well in the position where the stacked ring will rest. The ring on top of a stack will generally be a half-size larger.

To easily find your ring size at home, measure the ring that fits correctly on the finger where you’ll wear your new ring using our Downloadable Ring Sizer. For wide bands, size up a half size for comfort. 


How to Find Your Engagement Ring Size

If you’re shopping for someone else, the best way to find the right ring size is to ask! If you’re planning a surprise proposal, here are some ideas on how to discretely find her ring size without spoiling the surprise.

The first thing to realize is that many women who are about to get engaged have a sense that something big is coming. That means she actually may be trying to drop some hints that will help you find her engagement ring size (and style too). When you are shopping together, does she ever try on rings? Are there magazines with corners turned down or pages left open? Is there a fashion ring on her Amazon wish list in her ring size? Channel your inner detective and get to work.

If she sometimes wears a ring on the ring finger of her right hand, you’re in luck. Chances are pretty good it’s the same size as the ring finger of her left hand where she’ll wear her engagement ring. Borrow the ring and use our Downloadable Ring Sizer or take it to a jeweler to find out her ring size.

You can also have a female friend or sister try it on your girlfriend’s ring for size. If she wears it all the time, here is a quick and sneaky way to find her ring size quickly that only requires a pen. Try her ring on one of your fingers. Slide it down until it feels snug but not too tight.  Draw a mark on the finger on both sides. Then head to a jewelry store and try on rings until you find your ring size in that exact spot. 

If she doesn’t have any rings that she wears on her fourth finger, you’ll have to get more creative. If you have a mother’s or sister’s birthday coming up, go shopping and ask your girlfriend’s help picking out a gift. Look at some rings as well as necklaces and ask her to try them on. If that seems out of character, a trip to a craft fair usually will work. She’ll probably look at jewelry and then you can say you like a ring and ask her to try it on.

If none of these strategies work, you can recruit a spy. The best candidate would be a close female friend or family member. The spy can ask to try on her ring and will be able to tell you which finger it fits on. Or the next time they go shopping, the friend can try on rings and she’ll be sure to follow. Your spy will be able to easily find her ring size.

And you know what? You may even find that your spy already knows her ring size! If that’s the case, she’ll probably also know your girlfriend’s favorite diamond shape and engagement ring style. You’ll be able to surprise her with exactly the lab-created diamond engagement ring she’s always wanted. And it will fit on her finger like Cinderella’s glass slipper.


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