Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace

Diamonds form naturally when carbon atoms experience extreme pressure and crystalize into a stone. The professionals creating lab grown diamonds duplicated the process to deliver equally as beautiful diamonds with sustainability in mind. As a more sustainable alternative to natural diamonds, Carbon Atelier offers stunning lab grown diamonds and lab grown diamond necklaces to complement your unique style.

Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklace Collection

Shopping for a diamond necklace? Look no further. Carbon Atelier’s inexpensive lab grown diamond pendant necklaces are made to be a great addition to your jewelry collection and your day or night ensemble. Choose lab grown diamond pendant necklaces with your favorite metals – from rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold – to complete your desired look. Each piece is stunning and unique – just like you.

When you’re shopping for a diamond necklace, choose the clarity, size, and cut for your lab grown diamond pendant necklace. We elevate your shopping experience by offering the highest quality and a wide range of choices.

Have budget restrictions? We can work with you to find the perfect style. After selecting your lab grown diamond pendant necklace, you can wear it with pride, knowing that your stone was created sustainably. Shopping for a diamond necklace with Carbon Atelier means investing in the future of our planet.

Styling a Lab-Grown Diamond Necklace

A lab grown diamond pendant necklace can transform a more casual outfit into a more elevated look. Our lab grown diamond pendants are also a great way to enhance more formal looks so that you stand out in the crowd. Tips for styling your lab grown diamond pendant necklace include pairing it with statement earrings, wearing it with a dramatic neckline, layering a long necklace with a short necklace, matching the gold color to your other pieces, and so much more.

Complete the perfect outfit with our lab grown diamond necklaces today!