Inexpensive Lab-Grown Loose Diamonds

Inexpensive lab-grown diamonds cost almost half as much as naturally occurring diamonds. They are identical to natural diamonds in every way, with the added benefit of being a more sustainable option. Even diamond experts cannot tell the difference between a mined diamond and a comparable inexpensive lab-grown diamond.

In mines, diamonds occur naturally as part of a process in which carbon atoms pressurize and crystallize to form stones. Scientists found a way to replicate the process in labs, and the process is so similar that you can’t tell the difference between two diamonds side by side.

Advantages of Purchasing Loose Stones

Shopping for jewelry doesn’t have to be one size fits all. Carbon Atelier’s inexpensive lab-grown diamonds are the perfect way to create a stunning and unique jewelry setting. Generally speaking, you can get better value when purchasing loose stones instead of predesigned settings.

You also have the added advantage of knowing a stone’s true value. It’s possible to grade a gem once placed in a setting, but the result may not be entirely accurate. This is because it can change the perceived color and clarity of a diamond – this includes inexpensive lab-grown diamonds, too.

Loose stones also offer the chance to choose a perfectly unique stone. Maybe you’ve been shopping around and have a design in mind but just haven’t found it yet. With your design in mind, the Carbon Atelier team can help you choose the perfect inexpensive lab-grown diamonds to help bring your vision to life.

The Carbon Atelier Difference

Shop by clarity, size, and cut – just like you would with mined diamonds. Elevate your shopping experience by having more options at affordable prices. Don’t worry about your budget restrictions – we can find the perfect fit for you. We specialize in offering larger carat weight diamonds with clarity in the D, E, and F ranges.

Then you can wear your Carbon Atelier inexpensive lab-grown diamonds with pride, knowing that no mining was required. Some diamond consumers don’t want anyone to know that their diamonds weren’t mined, but Carbon Atelier customers are different.
Our team is committed to the responsible sourcing of inexpensive lab-grown diamonds. By creating brilliant diamonds in our labs, we offer you a sustainable choice. When you shop with Carbon Atelier, you’re making an investment in the future of our planet.