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Carbon Atelier

IGI Certified 14K Gold 1.0 Cttw Brilliant-Cut Lab Created Diamond Halo Earrings Pavé-Set (G-H Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity) - Choice of Gold Color

IGI Certified 14K Gold 1.0 Cttw Brilliant-Cut Lab Created Diamond Halo Earrings Pavé-Set (G-H Color, VS1-VS2 Clarity) - Choice of Gold Color

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Carbon Atelier’s large selection of stud earrings is a must-see! At Carbon Atelier we deliver all essential diamond jewelry styles with superior quality and timeless designs. Now owning a fantastic pair of diamond studs, a great solitaire pendant or ring is more exciting than ever! Our settings are hand-made and top quality, and the expertly-cut and precision-polished lab-grown diamond gems will bring you joy for decades, or make the ideal gift for someone you love. Trust Carbon Atelier, the laboratory grown diamond authority. If you've been searching for the perfect diamond stud with the more affordable option of lab-created diamond gemstones, look no further! These four-prong solitaire studs are the perfect complement to any outfit, from your favorite leather jacket and jeans, to the most formal gown. The four-prong settings are top quality, and the expertly-cut and polished cultured diamond stones will bring you joy for decades. The gleaming genuine 14 karat gold mountings won't tarnish. Exceptional Quality & Craftsmanship G-H Color VS1-VS2 Clarity Solid 14 Karat Gold Settings 100% Hypoallergenic G-H Color VS1-VS2 Clarity Solid 14 Karat Gold Settings 100% Hypoallergenic State-of-the-Art Stones All of Carbon Atelier's 100% real lab-grown diamonds are created through the miracle of modern technology. In our high-tech facility, an innovative process called chemical vapor deposition, or CVD, recreates conditions found in nature, using a hydrocarbon gas mixture to activate the carbon atoms in a tiny diamond seed. This causes the diamond crystal to grow, transforming the carbon vapor into real diamonds that are chemically, optically and physically identical to mined stones. Our premier-quality lab-created diamonds are so indistinguishable from natural diamond stones, even trained gemologists need special machinery to tell the difference. Once the growing process is complete, each diamond is precision-cut and hand-polished to perfection, before being set by artisans with decades of experience in their craft. Check out the video in our Brand Store to watch the process in action! At Carbon Atelier, we exclusively use laboratory-made diamonds that we grow ourselves. This gives us the latitude to create jewelry that strikes the perfect balance of beauty and value, delivering exceptional quality with the best cut, color, and clarity for the carat for carat. Carat full half whole one two three four five half quarter third karat ct tw total weight size refraction brilliance brilliant facet faceted 57 58 full cut hearts arrows fire ideal proportion Colors d e f g h i j k l colorless perfectly white near faint altr brilliant earth blue nile Exceptional flawless cultured diamonds are indistinguishable from natural diamond stones CARAT - Because Size Matters Carbon Atelier offers only genuine laboratory created diamonds set in fashionable jewelry silhouettes that every woman will love to wear or to receive. Our specialty is larger-sized carat weights that are hard to find elsewhere. We make it easy to give in to your urge to splurge! CUT - For Sparkle & Reflection All of Carbon Atelier's jewelry features stones with very good to excellent cut grades, lending exceptionally brilliant sparkle. After being forged through the CVD process described above, our rough stones are expertly cut and polished by master artisans, for finished gems that dazzle, reflecting light with your every move. COLOR - The Hue for You Our designer jewelry features lab created diamonds in both colorless and near-colorless ranges. When near-colorless and even faint yellow grade stones are set in yellow or rose gold, they can appear as white and bright as any colorless stones, since the color of the metal is reflected throughout the diamond. CLARITY - Elements of Beauty All of Carbon Atelier's lab-grown diamonds of 0.50ct or Ensuring that you will always receive stones with clarity that is as good or better than the stated grade. All of our Very Very Slight (VVS) and Very Slight (VS) clarity gems are eye-clean, giving them exceptional sparkle. nexus miadonna ada blue nile foundry world 1215 lovbe vrai james allen ada scio tairus ritani Zales real authentic genuine lab-grown laboratory-grown lab-created laboratory-created manmade sustainable green ecologically environment conscious MCVD ecologically LGD responsible Diamonds for All! Carbon Atelier was founded by veteran jewelry designers with the dream of bringing the highest quality diamonds to every woman and man in America. Carat for carat, our ethical, sustainable, affordable (and always conflict-free!) laboratory-grown gems offer exceptional sparkle, with stylish settings that will collect compliments – at a far more approachable than mined stones. Our dream is to make your diamond dreams come true! We make the eternal beauty of diamonds affordable, within reach of everyone. A Dazzling Selection Carbon Atelier takes great pride in offering laboratory-created diamond jewelry in a range of carat sizes and color and clarity quality levels. No matter what your priorities are in choosing a diamond, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re buying a special gift, looking for the perfect engagement ring, or shopping for a new look for yourself, offers all the spectacular diamond jewelry you desire – to fit every budget. Browse our selection to find YOUR signature style, today! Quality You Can Trust At Carbon Atelier, we take our craft seriously. Other lab-grown diamond brands deliver disappointing designs, or sub-par stones. At Carbon Atelier, not only do we choose spectacular gems, we set them in elegant and sophisticated designer settings that look like they’re straight out of the pages of Vogue. Quality is our first and last thought, from the first sketch to the final polish. Every ring, earring, and pendant is `crafted to exacting standards, for truly impressive quality. Plus, we offer IGI certificates on all our larger stones for your peace of mind. Color G-H G-H G-H G-H G-H G-H Clarity VS1-VS2 VS1-VS2 VS1-VS2 VS1-VS2 VS1-VS2 VS1-VS2 Sizes Available (Carat Total Weight) 1.0 Cttw. 1.0 to 4.0 Cttw. 1.0 to 4.0 Cttw. 1/2 to 2/3 Cttw. 1/2 to 2/3 Cttw. 1/2 to 2/3 Cttw. 14K Gold Colors Available 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold 14K Yellow, White, or Rose Gold Style Bezel Set 4-Prong Basket 3-Prong Martini Set 4-Prong Basket 3-Prong Martini Set Bezel Set


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